Taxi boat Hvar
Get around Hvar via fast and reliable taxi boat service. We can easily take you to Mlini beach, Zdrilca (Mamato Bar), Palmižana or to Vis if you want to.


Flexible and reliable taxi boat in Hvar. We can take you to the following places:

Ždrilca / Mlini (Mamato / Antonio Patak)

Palmižana Beach (Laganini/Zori/Bakus)

Carpe Diem (Beach & Night club)

Hvar -> Palmižana -> Hvar => from 100€ / group

Hvar -> Mlini / Ždrilca (Mamato bar) -> Hvar => from 80€ / group

Hvar -> Carpe Diem -> Hvar => from 75€ / group

NOTE: Price is indicated for a group up to 5 people, in case of bigger group price will be adapted depending on the number of persons. We will give you heads up and define the price on spot before the departure in order to avoid possible undesirable surprises.

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